Survivor Riding 42,500 Miles against pancreatic cancer

The Blog has come back to life and is under construction

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We are re organizing and re publishing things as well as adding new area and content. Bear with us and bring a pickanick basket for Yogi

Nancy DeLillio

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Chris you meant a lot to her and gave her so much hope when
she was diagnosed. Thank you for all that you do to spread awareness and give
hope to those diagnosed. You are truly an inspiration. I hope you are well.
-Nicole Grover

Darwin Hartnett

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Road 2 A Cure Team is gearing up for the ride to Alaska

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Truck and Bike getting serviced, last minute preparations being made.  We cant wait to cross into Canada on Friday!!!

Luis Fernando Sanchez, M.D., Ph. D

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Dear Mr. Calaprice and all,

I lost my dear dad (Luis Fernando Sanchez, M.D., Ph. D) to Pancreatic Cancer 58 days ago, in Atlanta, Georgia… I was driving over to see him one day in April, when he was very sick, and as I was thinking about him and crying on the road when I saw your 40 foot trailer in front of me, like a sign from heaven to give me strength!!!   I drove up along side your trailer and honked and waved…  I hope the folks that waved back felt my true gratitude for what that moment meant to me.  I even took out my phone and took a photo (attached) at that very moment! 

I was so excited that I showed it to my family when I arrived to see my dad. 

Since he passed, I have been very actively involved with the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network and am now one of their Education Coordinators.  I recently received my first newsletter from the organization and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a full page article about your organization!!! I cried remembering the encounter I had on the road with you and just how good you made me feel on a really down moment. 

I commend your efforts and am so thankful for others like you who are passionate about spreading the word about Pancreatic Cancer!!!!!

Elisa Bowling

April Burbach

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I hope your travels are going well…  Wondering if I could add my friend April Burbach to your list of fallen heroes?
I had the best time hanging out with you guys; make sure to get in touch if you are gonna be close…

Steve, Aimee and Liam Ernst

Virginia Petretrich

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I read about your organization in the PanCAN monthly newsletter. I visited your website & I am so impressed with your dedication. Congratulations on being a survivor!! I will be setting up a team to support your ride soon.
I was wondering if you could add my mom’s name to your list of fallen. She lost her six year battle with pancreatic cancer on October 25, 2009. Her name is Virginia Petretrich.
Thank you so much & God Bless you!!
Jaime Pontius

Chemotherapy today at Massachu…

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Chemotherapy today at Massachusetts General Hospital. Huge thank you to the public affairs office for helping us…

You know our new schedule now!…

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You know our new schedule now! If you know any doctors, survivors, caregivers we need to meet on our trip let us…

We've got more Doctor intervie…

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We’ve got more Doctor interviews lined up today. Meeting with Dr. Joseph Herman and Dr. John Cameron at Johns…

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