Survivor Riding 42,500 Miles against pancreatic cancer

One Man, One Motorcycle and Over 42,000 Miles

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One Man, One Motorcycle and Over 42,000 Miles On the

Road 2 A Cure for Pancreatic Cancer

Massive 50-State Awareness Tour Kicks off in Santa Barbara on February 20, 2010

Santa Barbara, CA. (February 15, 2010) – As a 6-year pancreatic cancer survivor, Chris Calaprice is fed up with hearing that pancreatic cancer is a death sentence. He is a survivor – and there are others, but there should be more. Actor Patrick Swayze should still be here. Renowned lecturer Randy Pausch should still be here too. Pancreatic cancer, the 4th leading cause of cancer deaths receives less than 2 percent of the National Cancer Institute’s annual budget. This statistic was so appalling to Chris that he is staging this 9-month-long awareness tour – and receiving his chemo treatments on the road. Yes, you read that correctly. Chris’s doctor, leading oncologist and pancreatic cancer specialist Dr. William Isacoff of Los Angeles, will fly out to meet Chris on the road every 8 weeks to administer his chemo treatments throughout the course of this grueling 42,000-plus-mile motorcycle tour through all 50 of the United States.

So why 42,000+ miles? “I am riding one mile for each person in the U.S. who will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer this year alone,” says Chris. “You know that old saying ‘knowledge is power?’ Well, knowing you have pancreatic cancer early and finding a specialist gives you the power to act quickly so you don’t die, quite frankly.”

Says Dr. William H. Isacoff, MD, a medical oncologist who practices at the UCLA School of Medicine and Chris’s doctor, “Currently the accepted standard of care for patients with advanced pancreatic cancer is gemcitabine, a drug developed by Eli Lilly and approved by the FDA 13 years ago. It has marginal activity when used as a single agent, resulting in tumor shrinkage in less than 10% percent of patients and a survival benefit that is disappointingly low – less than 6 months. Yet the vast majority of oncologists continue to recommend this treatment to their patients. Since gemcitabine‘s approval by the FDA, no other FDA-approved drug or gemcitabine-based combination has improved this dismal outcome.” Dr. Isacoff, who has treated numerous family members of Hollywood celebrities, adds, “Pancreatic cancer patients should be enrolled in clinical trials that utilize combination chemotherapy using three or four drugs where the treatment regimens are rationally designed with regard to an understanding of dosage, timing, and biochemical interactions. Following a relapse of his pancreatic cancer in 2004, Chris Calaprice received a four-drug chemotherapy regimen – that he remains on today – and currently shows no detectable evidence of the disease.”

We are asking you, our friends in the media, to DO something. Help us rally the troops to show up for the Feb. 20th kick-off in Santa Barbara, or at the Victory dealership in Brea for the pit stop. Help us change – and save – lives.

Road 2 A Cure Kick-off Party info:

WHEN: Saturday, Feb. 20, 2010

WHERE: Paradise Store and Grill (off Hwy 154)

1 Paradise Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93105

TIME: 10:00AM – 2:00PM

The tour will kick-off in Santa Barbara and will travel south through Los Angeles down to Palm Springs for the first day of his tour, with a pit stop at Southern California Victory in Brea (515 West Lambert Rd, Brea, CA, 92821/714-256-6700). A detailed tour schedule is available at Survivors, supporters, friends and family are invited to come out and participate in this massive kick-off party for Road 2 A Cure’s 50-state tour, which supporters will be able to follow online, and will also be documented on film and ultimately turned into a documentary. Help us make some noise to draw attention to pancreatic cancer and the urgent need for more research and funding. As the tour gets underway, Chris and his team will be meeting with survivors, family members, friends, activists, policy makers, oncologists, medical centers, researchers and local as well as federal legislators to show people what it’s like to live with pancreatic cancer, and to activate change.

Victory Motorcycles has very generously jumped on board to sponsor Chris and Road 2 A Cure, as well as Level Studios and the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association (ATRA). “Victory Motorcycles is proud to offer the loan of the award-winning Victory Vision for this project. The Vision has proven to be a reliable and comfortable machine, and when outfitted with touring accessories is more than capable of this long and busy trip. The Victory Vision Tour ABS model we are loaning represents modern American design and production quality, and features all that a rider needs to turn miles and turn heads. The staff at Victory motorcycles wishes a safe journey to all involved, and is happy to be associated with such a unique and progressive event program,” states Robert Pandya, External Relations Manager for Victory Motorcycles.

For more information on this monumental 50-state road tour or for information on donating or sponsoring Road 2 A Cure, please visit, contact us at or call 661-702-9202.

“Currently the survival rate for pancreatic cancer is just 5% beyond 5 years. I’m still here almost 7 years, and I want to be the new face of a ‘survivor.’ So I’m doing something about it with Road 2 A Cure – and you can help us” – Chris Calaprice, Founder of Road 2 A Cure, pancreatic cancer survivor and melanoma skin cancer survivor.

ABOUT ROAD 2 A CURE: Road 2 A Cure co-founders Jennifer and Chris Calaprice became involved in the fight against pancreatic cancer in October of 2003 when Chris was diagnosed. Road 2 A Cure, a 501(c)(3) non–profit organization, was their answer to making their own fight have a global impact in the war against cancer. Road 2 A Cure is out doing what others won’t – speaking their minds and actively engaging those affected by pancreatic cancer and those responsible for finding a cure.

Pancreatic cancer research news – Nov 09

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Below are links to research news and clinical trials that are worth reading.
Rexin G confirmed to be real breakthrough in pancreatic cancer treatment. A must read!
Tumor penetrating microparticles (TPM) offer new potential treatment for pancreatic cancer. Read more: []
Circulating Mesothelin Serves as a Marker of Pancreatic Cancer:
Pancreatic cancer tests may lead to stem cell therapies (i.e. the Trojan Horse): [$19411948.php]
ABRAXANE gets Orphan Drug Status For Treatment Of Pancreatic Cancer, Stage IIB-IV Melanoma [] November is also National Diabetes Awareness month. Read about the Pancreatic Cancer and the Diabetes connection []

Break out your Purple this Month!

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November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness month. Help us make some noise and spread awareness about a disease that is expected to have over 42,000 new diagnoses this year in the US alone, yet receives only 2% of the National Cancer Institute’s annual budget! Statistics remain largely unchanged over the last 30 years. This is NOT acceptable and November is our month to let people know.

Write to your local media outlets and share with them the hard facts that can no longer be ignored (click here for a full list of stats [link to R2AC website]). Write to your local congressman and urge him/her to support H.R. 745 : The Pancreatic Cancer Research and Education Act and sign on as a co-sponsor to a bill that could make history by enabling the National Cancer Institute the tools and resources it needs to find a cure to pancreatic cancer. You can track the bill’s progress at []].

Don’t stop there. Talk to friends, family and co-workers about the disease. Spread the word taking advantage of today’s social media. Post on your Facebook page. Tweet about Pancreatic Cancer Awareness month to your Twitter followers. Now is the time to act! Join us in the fight against pancreatic cancer and help us beat this disease. Change starts here.

Pancreatic Cancer in the news:

A special thanks to Chaka Fattah Read and his endorsement of H.R. 745 this month in support of pancreatic cancer awareness month. Click here to read more: [,1033055.shtml]

News on the Research Front: Below are links to research news and clinical trials that are worth reading.

Rumor Control:

Suzanne Somers was making some noise about pancreatic cancer earlier this month, but unfortunately it was not coming from a well informed place. For anyone who came across an interview with her, Chris Calaprice, Road 2 A Cure founder, is a 6 year pancreatic cancer survivor who has been undergoing chemotherapy since his diagnosis. Unfortunately, there are oncologists who do not understand how to treat pancreatic cancer, but that does not mean it is not treatable. The key is finding an oncologist who is an expert on the disease. They exist. There is HOPE.

For the latest news stories follow us on Twitter @Road2ACure or became a fan or Road 2 A Cure on Facebook where you can join in the conversation. We want to hear from you! Plus in honor of pancreatic cancer awareness month we are looking to reach a goal of 500 fans on facebook by Dec. 1. Spread the word and help us get there.

Join us on the road! Accelerating Change. Inspiring Hope. Changing Lives.

We are looking volunteers to help us as we travel over 42,000 miles throughout the United States carrying a message of urgency and hope.

List of jobs here:

Road 2 A Cure expands its web site and announces the much anticipated details of Road 2 A Cure – The Tour for pancreatic cancer awareness.

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Castaic, CA November 15th 2009 – Honoring November as National Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month, Road 2 A Cure, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness of and funds for scientific research on pancreatic cancer, expands its websites capabilities to better engage and educate its audience. Included in the launch are the much anticipated details and schedule of Road 2 A Cure – The Tour. A 50 state motorcycle tour and web documentary that will promote pancreatic cancer awareness and research.

Chris Calaprice, six year pancreatic cancer survivor and ongoing chemotherapy patient, hits the road on February 20th, 2010. The objective of Road2ACure – The Tour is to travel through all 50 states by motorcycle, covering 42,000 plus miles, in order to deliver a message of urgency and hope throughout the country. The entire journey will be documented by a camera crew. Pre-recorded segments will be posted at the Road2ACure website. Why 42,000 miles? “I am riding approximately one mile for each person, in the US, who will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer this year alone” answers Chris.

It is Road 2 A Cure’s mission to Accelerate Change, Inspire Hope, and Change Lives. By taking the message of awareness and hope on the road and accessing the media and social networking tools at their fingertips, Road 2 A Cure will create a loud and very public message of hope for survivors, their families and volunteers in all 50 states. In addition they will drive home the necessity for progress in early detection, treatment and finally a cure. They will organize and attend events, rides and rallies throughout the country. At the same time, they will be visiting pancreatic cancer survivors, caregivers, volunteers, researchers, grassroots activists, policy makers, oncologists, medical centers and local and federal legislators.

Highlighting the ride’s significance, Chris explains, “We need to make some noise and shed the spotlight on this bogeyman cancer.” He goes on to say that, “we must speak for those immersed in the fight for survival, for those who have lost the battle, and for the 42,000 (and rising) other Americans who are expected to be diagnosed this year. I believe in the power of people to make change through action. It is time to act now.”

Pancreatic cancer is the 4th leading cause of cancer death in the United States, yet its funding accounts for less than 2% of the National Cancer Institute’s annual budget. Of those diagnosed, only 25% will survive more than a year. Only 5% will survive beyond 5 years. Actor Patrick Swayze and lecturer Randy Pausch both lost recent battles with pancreatic cancer, drawing the deadly disease to the public’s attention. Because pancreatic cancer is one of the few cancers for which survival has not improved over the past 25 years there is the need to raise such awareness and funding now.

Jennifer and Chris Calaprice became involved in the fight against pancreatic cancer in October of 2003 when Chris was diagnosed. Supported by friends, family, the community, and the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, they launched their 1st motorcycle ride. Its huge success spurred them to want to do more and have a more far reaching impact. Road 2 A Cure, a 501(c)(3) non–profit organization, was their answer to making their own fight have a global impact in the war against cancer.

For more information on Road 2 A Cure – The Tour– A 50 State Motorcycle Tour & Documentary or to receive information on donating, please visit us online at contact us at