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Pancreatic cancer research news – Nov 09

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Below are links to research news and clinical trials that are worth reading.
Rexin G confirmed to be real breakthrough in pancreatic cancer treatment. A must read!
Tumor penetrating microparticles (TPM) offer new potential treatment for pancreatic cancer. Read more: []
Circulating Mesothelin Serves as a Marker of Pancreatic Cancer:
Pancreatic cancer tests may lead to stem cell therapies (i.e. the Trojan Horse): [$19411948.php]
ABRAXANE gets Orphan Drug Status For Treatment Of Pancreatic Cancer, Stage IIB-IV Melanoma [] November is also National Diabetes Awareness month. Read about the Pancreatic Cancer and the Diabetes connection []

Break out your Purple this Month!

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November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness month. Help us make some noise and spread awareness about a disease that is expected to have over 42,000 new diagnoses this year in the US alone, yet receives only 2% of the National Cancer Institute’s annual budget! Statistics remain largely unchanged over the last 30 years. This is NOT acceptable and November is our month to let people know.

Write to your local media outlets and share with them the hard facts that can no longer be ignored (click here for a full list of stats [link to R2AC website]). Write to your local congressman and urge him/her to support H.R. 745 : The Pancreatic Cancer Research and Education Act and sign on as a co-sponsor to a bill that could make history by enabling the National Cancer Institute the tools and resources it needs to find a cure to pancreatic cancer. You can track the bill’s progress at []].

Don’t stop there. Talk to friends, family and co-workers about the disease. Spread the word taking advantage of today’s social media. Post on your Facebook page. Tweet about Pancreatic Cancer Awareness month to your Twitter followers. Now is the time to act! Join us in the fight against pancreatic cancer and help us beat this disease. Change starts here.

Pancreatic Cancer in the news:

A special thanks to Chaka Fattah Read and his endorsement of H.R. 745 this month in support of pancreatic cancer awareness month. Click here to read more: [,1033055.shtml]

News on the Research Front: Below are links to research news and clinical trials that are worth reading.

Rumor Control:

Suzanne Somers was making some noise about pancreatic cancer earlier this month, but unfortunately it was not coming from a well informed place. For anyone who came across an interview with her, Chris Calaprice, Road 2 A Cure founder, is a 6 year pancreatic cancer survivor who has been undergoing chemotherapy since his diagnosis. Unfortunately, there are oncologists who do not understand how to treat pancreatic cancer, but that does not mean it is not treatable. The key is finding an oncologist who is an expert on the disease. They exist. There is HOPE.

For the latest news stories follow us on Twitter @Road2ACure or became a fan or Road 2 A Cure on Facebook where you can join in the conversation. We want to hear from you! Plus in honor of pancreatic cancer awareness month we are looking to reach a goal of 500 fans on facebook by Dec. 1. Spread the word and help us get there.

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We are looking volunteers to help us as we travel over 42,000 miles throughout the United States carrying a message of urgency and hope.

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