Survivor Riding 42,500 Miles against pancreatic cancer

Duane Kehler

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deceased 6-10-2003

One Man, One Motorcycle and Over 42,000 Miles

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One Man, One Motorcycle and Over 42,000 Miles On the

Road 2 A Cure for Pancreatic Cancer

Massive 50-State Awareness Tour Kicks off in Santa Barbara on February 20, 2010

Santa Barbara, CA. (February 15, 2010) – As a 6-year pancreatic cancer survivor, Chris Calaprice is fed up with hearing that pancreatic cancer is a death sentence. He is a survivor – and there are others, but there should be more. Actor Patrick Swayze should still be here. Renowned lecturer Randy Pausch should still be here too. Pancreatic cancer, the 4th leading cause of cancer deaths receives less than 2 percent of the National Cancer Institute’s annual budget. This statistic was so appalling to Chris that he is staging this 9-month-long awareness tour – and receiving his chemo treatments on the road. Yes, you read that correctly. Chris’s doctor, leading oncologist and pancreatic cancer specialist Dr. William Isacoff of Los Angeles, will fly out to meet Chris on the road every 8 weeks to administer his chemo treatments throughout the course of this grueling 42,000-plus-mile motorcycle tour through all 50 of the United States.

So why 42,000+ miles? “I am riding one mile for each person in the U.S. who will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer this year alone,” says Chris. “You know that old saying ‘knowledge is power?’ Well, knowing you have pancreatic cancer early and finding a specialist gives you the power to act quickly so you don’t die, quite frankly.”

Says Dr. William H. Isacoff, MD, a medical oncologist who practices at the UCLA School of Medicine and Chris’s doctor, “Currently the accepted standard of care for patients with advanced pancreatic cancer is gemcitabine, a drug developed by Eli Lilly and approved by the FDA 13 years ago. It has marginal activity when used as a single agent, resulting in tumor shrinkage in less than 10% percent of patients and a survival benefit that is disappointingly low – less than 6 months. Yet the vast majority of oncologists continue to recommend this treatment to their patients. Since gemcitabine‘s approval by the FDA, no other FDA-approved drug or gemcitabine-based combination has improved this dismal outcome.” Dr. Isacoff, who has treated numerous family members of Hollywood celebrities, adds, “Pancreatic cancer patients should be enrolled in clinical trials that utilize combination chemotherapy using three or four drugs where the treatment regimens are rationally designed with regard to an understanding of dosage, timing, and biochemical interactions. Following a relapse of his pancreatic cancer in 2004, Chris Calaprice received a four-drug chemotherapy regimen – that he remains on today – and currently shows no detectable evidence of the disease.”

We are asking you, our friends in the media, to DO something. Help us rally the troops to show up for the Feb. 20th kick-off in Santa Barbara, or at the Victory dealership in Brea for the pit stop. Help us change – and save – lives.

Road 2 A Cure Kick-off Party info:

WHEN: Saturday, Feb. 20, 2010

WHERE: Paradise Store and Grill (off Hwy 154)

1 Paradise Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93105

TIME: 10:00AM – 2:00PM

The tour will kick-off in Santa Barbara and will travel south through Los Angeles down to Palm Springs for the first day of his tour, with a pit stop at Southern California Victory in Brea (515 West Lambert Rd, Brea, CA, 92821/714-256-6700). A detailed tour schedule is available at Survivors, supporters, friends and family are invited to come out and participate in this massive kick-off party for Road 2 A Cure’s 50-state tour, which supporters will be able to follow online, and will also be documented on film and ultimately turned into a documentary. Help us make some noise to draw attention to pancreatic cancer and the urgent need for more research and funding. As the tour gets underway, Chris and his team will be meeting with survivors, family members, friends, activists, policy makers, oncologists, medical centers, researchers and local as well as federal legislators to show people what it’s like to live with pancreatic cancer, and to activate change.

Victory Motorcycles has very generously jumped on board to sponsor Chris and Road 2 A Cure, as well as Level Studios and the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association (ATRA). “Victory Motorcycles is proud to offer the loan of the award-winning Victory Vision for this project. The Vision has proven to be a reliable and comfortable machine, and when outfitted with touring accessories is more than capable of this long and busy trip. The Victory Vision Tour ABS model we are loaning represents modern American design and production quality, and features all that a rider needs to turn miles and turn heads. The staff at Victory motorcycles wishes a safe journey to all involved, and is happy to be associated with such a unique and progressive event program,” states Robert Pandya, External Relations Manager for Victory Motorcycles.

For more information on this monumental 50-state road tour or for information on donating or sponsoring Road 2 A Cure, please visit, contact us at or call 661-702-9202.

“Currently the survival rate for pancreatic cancer is just 5% beyond 5 years. I’m still here almost 7 years, and I want to be the new face of a ‘survivor.’ So I’m doing something about it with Road 2 A Cure – and you can help us” – Chris Calaprice, Founder of Road 2 A Cure, pancreatic cancer survivor and melanoma skin cancer survivor.

ABOUT ROAD 2 A CURE: Road 2 A Cure co-founders Jennifer and Chris Calaprice became involved in the fight against pancreatic cancer in October of 2003 when Chris was diagnosed. Road 2 A Cure, a 501(c)(3) non–profit organization, was their answer to making their own fight have a global impact in the war against cancer. Road 2 A Cure is out doing what others won’t – speaking their minds and actively engaging those affected by pancreatic cancer and those responsible for finding a cure.

Susie Miller-Gibson

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Born July 2, 1951 died July 5, 2009.

Karen E. Lewis

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She became an angel on 8-5-2006 at the age of 65 and battled the disease for a short 6 1/2 weeks from diagnosis.

Sara Edelman

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Hi Everyone,
Sara Edelman passed away August 14th 2009. I love and miss
her so much!
Good Luck to all.
Sonny Edelman -Sara’s Husband

Daniel Zamora

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Daniel and Aimee ZamoraWould you please add my husband, Daniel Zamora, to your list of fallen on your website? He was diagnosed with Stage 4 PC in July of 2007 after he had just competed in a bodybuilding competition (drug free) at age 48. He was told he had only 3 months to live but he fought hard and after 17 months, lost his battle. During his fight, we were very active in raising funds to fight cancer and raised over $18,000 by participating in the ACS Relay for Life in our home community along with many friends and family. I fully support your cause and will check back often to see how the Road2acure campaign is going, cheering you on every mile you finish. Thank you for bringing awareness to this awful disease that took from me the most valuable gift in my life, my husband and best friend.

Best wishes on your journey, live strong and BELIEVE!!!!

Angels Walk Among Us,

Aimee Zamora-

Chris Locke

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Chris Locke passed away in October 2009 at the age of 57 from pancreatic cancer. She lived around the corner from me and was such a sweetheart of a lady. I would always see her walking her dog and when Bill passed away she had the kindest smile and such supportive words. She will be missed by her husband, children, and many friends. I would like this donation to be in her name and if you could let Bob know about Road 2 A Cure and what you do that would be Great.

Ellen Newberry

Ok here we go again.

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Hey, Baby, I'm a Rockstar!!

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I’m going to die. Is that even possible? GTFOH!!! I’m invincible!!! I go when I’m ready! This is between ME & GOD!!!!”

This is the thought with which I began my day. This day. Prancing up the hallway of my office, black stiletto boots clacking against the tiles. GTFOH, indeed.

Being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer has a brutal way of altering life’s perspective. Not by creating an urgency to tackle a bucket list, but by forcing me to constantly reassess if I’m living or merely existing. Do I strive to pull the happy out of each moment or allow the happy to pass me by? It’s a funky balancing act, not focusing on the negative statistics while remaining rooted in reality.

There’s a lyric in one of Rihanna’s new songs that goes: “To be what you is, you gotta be what you are. The only thing I’m missing is my black guitar! I’m a ROCKSTAR!!!” Well, you can’t rock it if you let the happy pass you by, right? It’s no fun to sit inside & cross my well-heeled legs if nobody else gets to appreciate the view; if I don’t put some miles on the stilettos; if I don’t dance as if nobody’s watching. Looking back on the past and waiting for some imaginary other shoe to drop is a drag. Instead, I look toward a positive & joyous future, full of surprises, new adventures, & new shoes. A girl’s gotta have shoes!!! <3

The bottom line is that everybody’s going to kick the blazin’ blue crap out of that bucket and it doesn’t matter how well you eat, how many chemicals you inhale or ingest, or whether you prefer Volvos to Harleys.

With that said, as a grand ol’ salute to Chris & Jenn’s February 20th kick-off, yours truly is getting her motorcycle license!!! And, !nope — while my biker boots will be rocker-HOT, they won’t be stilettos!!!